Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Property Management


At Correia & Company, we don't apply one-size fits all solutions to managing your rental property. You may want to provide some services yourself or merely need help finding qualified renters. Our management agreements are customized to fit your needs. Just call our office to arrange a free preview and evaluation with one of our knowledgeable property managers. Once we see your property and discuss your goals with you, we will be able to suggest ways to help you affordably meet your needs. For owners of multiple properties, Correia & Company offers volume discounts for its property management services.

Correia & Company LogoMarketing
Correia & Company uses multiple advertising and marketing media to promote your property. Often the cost of our services is completely offset by the top-dollar rent our highlly-qualified applicants are willing to pay.

Application & Credit Screening
Prospective tenants are required to complete a written application that includes employment, income and credit history. Afterward, we verify the information and check criminal history so that you will have the peace-of-mind of knowing your new tenant is financially and communally responsible.

Correia & Company uses innovative property management technologies to automate many or our company's accounting and data management services. Each month we provide our clients with an itemized income and expense report on each property address. These reports can be emailed to you or mailed along with your Net Income check. For added convenience, we can even deposit your check directly into your bank account each month at no additional cost to you.

Bank Deposits
We can deposit monthly rental income directly into your bank account, at nor additional expense to you!

Bill Payments
If you prefer, Correia & Company will pay your property expenses for you. Bill payments may include mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, repairs, etc.

Correia & Company collects rent payments, security deposits and will handle collections of late or defaulted rent payments.

Escrow Services
Correia & Company will escrow security deposits, property tax payments and insurance payments as you specify.

Monthly Reports
All costs associated with maintaining, leasing your property and the net income due to you are itemized on a monthly income and expense report. This monthly report can be either emailed or mailed with your check. In addition to your monthly reports, you will be able to view your property's performance and print reports after 6 p.m. daily from our secure owner's portal.

Payment for Referrals
Correia & Company is always interested in finding tenants for our many properties throughout Hampton Roads. If you know of someone who is looking to rent a home, refer them to us! If they sign a lease, we will send you $50 as our way of thanking you for a referral. We also offer referral commissions to licensed REALTORS who bring us property management clients.

Repairs & Maintenance - No Mark Ups!
We do not mark-up maintenance costs! You pay what we pay. Often we pay much less for repairs because we have established accounts with many local service providers and suppliers.